our secret recipe  

Actually, there is no secret recipe. Oliver Sweet is able to produce the best because of our originality, use of pure ingredients, focus on creativity, and fostering passionate chefs. These are the laws of our kitchen that we live by. We are what we eat.

pure ingredients 

"Cooking with pure ingredients" is, perhaps, one of the oldest and best known advises in the kitchen. For us, this is not an advise, but a cornerstone. In a world focused on faster and cheaper way of doing things, we like to take our time and use the right ingredients. 

passionate people

We have chefs who are passionate about what they create. They are passionate because for them working in the kitchen is their dream job. Expressing passion in an open and friendly kitchen allows our chefs to think creatively.


We like trends in food. However, it is important to stay original. Trends helps us to stay creative and inspired, but it is our originality that allows us to be the best that we can be day after day.

creatively focused  

We'll not satisfied with just creating something that smells and tastes amazing, but also looks mesmerizing as well. Our creativity allows us to constantly produce stunning works of edible delights.